Monday, January 25, 2010

Stuffed Guitar - In Progress

A couple of days ago a friend emailed me looking for some ideas on how to decorate her son's room (and her's, too). He is 2 1/2 years old, and into music stuff and space stuff. Well, we talked for a while and I gave her some ideas, but it also inspired me to want to work on something.  I wish she lived closer than the 2.5 hours away, because I would love to go actually help her on some things. But, the distance is good because I can make things and then send them to her (or drop them off on our way to more northern parts of FL.)

I decided that after looking at all sorts of cute stuffed embroidered things lately, I really wanted to make one of something. So, the stuffed guitar idea emerged. I was originally going to use this awesome orange shirt I had found that had a great graphic on it, but it wasn't going to be the right size and it would have taken a lot of creative sewing to get the graphic to look right on the guitar.

So, I dug through my fabric and found this. SWEET! Stars and dark blue (she has already made him some spacey stuff out of dark blue, so the pillow will look good there).

I found a picture of an electric guitar online, but I couldn't print it big enough to trace it, so I had to free hand it. I had hoped the pictures turned out better, but you can barely see the orange pencil lines.

This one is a little better. You can see the fun shaped details of the guitar.

Well, now it is starting to look much more guitar shaped. I think sizewise and shapewise it came out well. It isn't perfectly rounded on the bottom, but the unroundedness gives me a place to put the button to make a strap.

Next, I drew out lines to make the details on the guitar. Only to have my AJ point out that a guitar has six strings. Well, crud. There isn't room to put six strings, so it is now a bass, with a whammie bar (namely because I think they are cool, and it would add some more textural interest).

Into the hoop it goes. How this will come out, no one really knows.

Actually, it came out looking really well. Now, I just have to get started on the back and actually turning it into a "stuffed" object.

I have a fun detail that I am putting on the back, but I am not saying anything before I get it done. I want it to be a mild surprise to my friend.

I am also pondering how to make the strap. Do I want it a fabric strap, or do I want to make an actual guitar strap with a weaver loom that I have for that? I think at this point it is still up in the air and going to be determined by how much time I have left.

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