Sunday, January 3, 2010

Planning for the New Year

I have spent the last couple of hours working on my "goals" for the New Year. I rarely make New Year's resolutions, but this year I want to have goals and some lifestyle changes. My honest plan is to have a lot of this accomplished my the end of March, at least on the project side. The lifestyle changes I want to be the habit of firmly by then, hopefully that means that they will stick.

My Projects Goals:

Paint the laundry room.
Paint the dining room.
Paint the kitchen.
Paint the bedroom.
Paint the bathroom.
Paint the bench at the foot of our bed.
Paint the leaf for the eat-in's table.
Possibly re-paint the eat-in table, depending on the kitchen paint.
Build out the closet - need AJ's help.
Re-organize the closet once it is fixed.
Redecorate the kitchen.
Rearrange the living room.
Hem the curtains in the eat-in.
Re-cover the chair cushions in the eat-in.
Re-organize my playroom.
Move sewing supplies.
Move furniture.
Re-organize bookcases.
Paint peg board and hang it.
Move piggy pictures.
Empty and move some of storage drawers to laundry room.
Get AJ to build tv shelf for me.
Paint tv shelf.
Re-organize storage in the closet.
Move house decorations to garage.
Move office supplies to hall bookcase.
Make curtains.
Make new cushion for window seat.
Have AJ make doors for hall bookcase.
Paint and hang fabric on new doors for bookcase.
Have AJ make some cut-out wall hangings for me.
Paint wall hangings.
Possibly re-decorate guest bathroom.
Make a meal planning board.
Plant a garden for Spring.

My Lifestyle Goals:

Line dry as much of laundry as possible.
Make meal plan weekly.
Keep track of food stores - pantry and freezer inventories.
Buy only organic animal products.
Buy organic and in season top 10 bad produce.
Bake more often.
Bulk cook and freeze meals.
Learn to make our own cleaning products.
Wash and change sheets weekly.
Learn to sew well.
Pick one new project a week and finish it.
Find more ways to make us self sufficient.
Learn to can.
Find everyday ways to get more exercise.
Take time to stretch out muscles and joints everyday.
Find new ways to use things that we normally throw away.
Take our re-usable bags with us into every store.
Set personal limits on what "new" things come into the house - can we find it used or make it ourselves?

I want to make some weight loss goals, but I don't want to tackle that one until we go back to the endocrinologist later next week. I want to get down to a healthy weight because my weight is OUT OF CONTROL even for me. I was doing really well on increasing my daily exercise (finding ways to incorporate more movement into everyday situations) and riding my bike and walking around the neighborhood. That was helping at least maintain my weight. Then the pain started. Then everything started falling by the wayside because it hurt so much. Even my crafting and playing in my playroom has suffered because going up the stairs is murder. I am praying that the endocrinologist has some answers or at least knows what the next steps are, and until I have a better idea of what is going on I don't want to set my self up for failure. I am going to at least work on getting back into chores around the house that take effort and work, and try to find some tai-chi or yoga stretches that I can do to try and help with the pain.


dragon-mouse said...

I think its so cool how excited you get about the decorating and making the house yours (and AJ's, of course ;) ). I'm sure it looks great NOW, let alone when you gt a start on all these projects!

Luke and I will have to come see it soon!

dax248 said...

I am having lots of fun with it. I have lots of pictures from how it looked in the Fall. I really need to post those with ones of how it looked when we moved in. Then, post pictures when I get stuff done. I just need to get busy... the cold is slowing me down (at least that is my excuse!)

You need to visit before Luke is driving you down here :)