Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lilly the Lilac Lamb

I found this awesome little pattern for a lamb the other day while I was looking for an elephant pattern. I never found the elephant, but I think I might try to adapt this pattern into an elephant, but that is a story for another day.

This is the inspiration lamb. Isn't she cute? When I saw her, I thought of my new niece, Savannah. Her mom decided to use the theme of lambs for Savannah when she was born, and I think it is a fun idea. She also painted Savannah's room purple.

So, I decided to try to make a purple lamb.

I found some purple fabrics that I had in my stash.

I could have sworn I took pictures during the making phase, but I think in all my new camera swoon that was happing at the same time I forgot too.

I don't think she turned out quiet as well as I wanted her too, but I had also never done a few of the things that go into making her. I honestly, had never heard of a gusset, I knew the concept but I had never seen one in one of my patterns. The fact that I managed to get it in with only mild distortion makes me happy. Looking back at the sample, I was supposed to do the gusset in the same fabric as the head, but I like the contrast that came out, even if AJ thinks she looks mildly like a horse.

I didn't put eyes onto Lilly because I am scared Savannah might pull them off. I did sew the ears and the ribbon on really well, but I don't think those will cause near the choking hazard that buttons will.

Now, I just need to get their new address and mail it to them!


dragon-mouse said...

You could always add just a dab of paint for eyes. She won't eat that!

dax248 said...

Oh, that is a good idea. I like that.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Aww so cute!!! I love it!