Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I finally found the colors I want to use in the kitchen and dining room.

I had forgotten that I had picked this towel up about a year ago at an estate sale. I was doing laundry today and I "found it". It had gotten tossed into the dirty basket before I started looking at paint colors last week.

I want to use the golden mustardy yellow to paint the dining room, the blue for the kitchen, and the burst of bright pink to do the chairs in the eat-in kitchen. I am going to leave the eat-in table white, so that the chairs will pop.

I am not sure what I am going to do for curtains in the eat in, but I got some fun green ones at Ikea that I am thinking about "editing". I have also pulled out my cricut cartridges and found that I have some fun shapes like pears and apples that I might cut out of contact paper and make decals for the kitchen cabinets. I am looking for something fun and bright.

Any thoughts or ideas?


Anonymous said...

My thought? Come decorate my house! ;)

StasiaBirdKnits said...

are you going to frame the towel? Are you using it to pull all the colors together or just for inspiration?

dax248 said...

Jen - Glad you are checking me out!!! That could be fun! Give me a couple of months to tackle this place, then supply me an idea and I will go a thrifting for you!

Stasia - Welcome!!! I don't know about that yet. I found some other great old towels that I either want to frame or hang over dowels to use as wall art.

I need to take pictures of the awesome stuff I found when I spent all day going to thrift stores.