Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craft Project - Wallet/ Clutch

The Wallet

I found this great idea on this site. I thought it was amazingly cool and it was about the right size project for me to tackle in an evening and not get to stressed out about it. Bad part is that I don't have a whole lot of ribbon, barely any at all actually. I do have lots of scraps of fabric though. I love this piece, it is fairly awful, but it looks very vintage and I am always drawn to making stuff out of it. I made an "apron dress" out of it already (it was supposed to be a light summer dress, but I never finished it - all it needs is a hem put in, but I like it as an apron now -  and well, sewing in our old apartment wasn't really an easy task so...)

First thing I did was mostly ignore the instructions. I wanted something that I could put our envelope system (Dave Ramsey) into, and the instructions were too small. So, I think the initial measurements were 4.5" by 19", roughly. I cut a piece out of flour sack material first. Then I cut it out of the green fabric. I used iron-on fusable web between the flour sack and the green fabric. I probably didn't need to use the flour sack, but I did. I will say I am glad I used it in the end because it gave the wallet a bit of heft and it isn't flimsy.

Next, I cut out the pink fabric. I didn't initially realize that I was going to need a couple of pink pieces, but I did. Once I got the pink cut out I then cut the pink and green into three sections. Two pieces were 3.25" by 8.5" (I think - I am not good at writing this down when I am making it), the other piece was what was left.

I couldn't figure out a good way to get the ID slot onto the wallet, I tried her way of using a ribbon boarder and well, that just didn't work for me. So, I used one of the pieces that I had cut off in the beginning because 19" was really way to big. I sewed the top of the vinyl pouch to the extra piece and then sewed the extra piece onto the green and pink piece. Later, I regreated sewing this piece all the way around, so I ripped out the top seam. This made a nifty pouch for loose cash and such.

Next up was making a space for cards. I wish I had done this differently, but maybe on the next one I will change it. Here is also where I figured out I needed an extra piece of pink fabric. I cut the extra piece the same size as the first, and then cut it at odd angles. Then, I sewed yellow ribbon to the tops. I sewed the cut pieces bottoms onto the original piece of pink.

The last piece I used another of the original cut off extra to make the slot to stick the envelopes into, and sewed it down. I was going to to it check book style, but that just didn't work right. Then, I took the fusable web and stripped it to fit the yellow ribbon. I laid the pieces together so that each piece was about 1/4 of the way on the ribbon, and folded it over so that it covered the front and the back of the pieces. I sewed both sides of the ribbon down to each piece of fabric.

I was originally going to edge it in the yellow ribbon so that it would "blend" together better, but honestly sewing with that ribbon royally stunk! I dug through my collection of vintage bias tape and found a double wide ( 2" fold) that matched the green fabric PERFECTLY! It was also cool seeing that when the bias tape was originally sold it was sold for $0.19 ( what a deal!)

I am still not sure I like the random yellow on the outside. It doesn't exactly match anything, but it was the only ribbon I had, and I refuse to go buy new ribbon for a trial project.

The yellow looks great to me on the inside though. It plays off the pink well, I think.

The card slots still need some re-working so that they face the right direction like the ID slot, the cash slot, and the envelope slot. I am going to give this one a whirl though, and see if it works ok, and on the next one I will re-adjust if need be.

The envelopes to go in the wallet.

I found the pattern for these here. I then went hunting for fun papers. I hate to admit it, but I have apparently lost most of the Photoshop skills I used to have. I had to relearn how to make layers. But, once I got that figured back out I printed this. (NOTE: I haven't finished all the envelopes yet, but I really want to get this posted before it is way out of date.)

Then I just followed the instructions ( I needed to do it for these, but only after I fought with it to see if I could make them slightly bigger - habits die hard).

It isn't as pretty as the green one, but it is very functional. The lady with the template even supplied some fun labels to use on the envelopes. I might put those on there, or I might just hand write them on there.

If you want to see other people's creative ideas on using the envelopes, check out:
The Cash System Stories at Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs.

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