Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas Presents - Part 1

This year for Christmas I really wanted to make my brother and sister-in-law t-shirts like ones I had seen on ThinkGeek. Well, I hate to say it but money was a little to tight to buy them these shirts and Gator shirts (which we were told they were requesting for the whole family). So, I broke out the "silk screening" stuff. Unfortunately, it isn't a real silk screen, but an idea I found years ago that normally works really well. This time, not so much... but I will get to that.

First, I took an embrodiary hoop and streched window sheer fabric. Then copied the design I wanted. BIL's says "dad" in binary. Then used modge podge as a blocking agent. The idea is to block out everything that I don't want ink getting into, so basically everywhere around the numbers.

Then, put a towel inside the shirt (otherwise there will be bleed through - VERY NOT good). Then iron the shirt. Then place the hoop down onto the shirt with the sheer touching the shirt. Then I took paint and pushed it through the screen. I had some major problems with BIL's. I had to scrub the paint out a couple of times. On a side note: body soap from Disney and a toothbrush will remove fabric paint from a shirt with lots and lots of scrubbing.

SIL shirt came out ok, but really not happy with it. It says "mom" in binary. If you couldn't tell they had a baby this year. So, honestly I ditched this endevour and switched to something else.

I switched to using a stencil I made from contact paper. I cut out the numbers on my cricut, and then laid them out onto the shirts. When I added the paint they came out much cleaner. I really liked the way they came out using this method. The only problem with this was that it is no longer a re-usable template. Once I pulled the contact paper up it had to go into the trash, instead of getting washed and stored with my other templates.

I still had one shirt that had to use the screening method. AJ is fairly obsessed with all kinds of cables. He has built out the closet in his library as cable storage (I promise pictures at some point). So, I thought as a fun joke I would make him a shirt that referenced that fact. Well, none of the cricut cartridges I have ( I don't have many honestly) a picture of a USB connector. I had to find a picture, enlarge it, and then block the screen. I did type out the words and use the contact paper for that, because for some reason the words were bleeding through really bad. I had to scrub out his shirt twice, too.

I don't have a finished picture of his shirt because:
1. I couldn't take a picture of it with his camera, because well he could have see it.
2. As soon as he opened it he took it and immediately wore it.
3. It has been washed and is downstairs in his t-shirts.
4. I am to lazy to go downstairs and find it and take a picture of it.

Here is a good example of how the screening normally works. I made these shirts for all the girls who came to my bachlorette party. They had a dress and Team Bride on the front and then the girls names on the back. It was fun to make something for them.


Tinker89 said...

Molly! I will seriously pay you to make me a t-shirt! You are SO good!! They look great! And I just know their gonna love them!

dax248 said...

Just let me know what you want, and what size and I will try to get it done and send it to you as a late Christmas present.