Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Participation in Once A Month Cooking #oamc

Well, I sort of did this. I got a really late start (I went thrift store shopping this morning), which was about 1:30pm. Not exactly the best idea or preparation I have had. I had to run by Publix again today (we had just gone on Sunday evening).

I really wanted to just take the day and cook/ bake. My muscle and joint problems have been really BAD lately. I have been having tremors that are whole body ones instead of just the shoulder. The pain has been through the roof, also. I think that not watching what I am eating as closely has been a part of that. It hasn't been bad, but I haven't been making "whole foods" as big a part of my world as I was for a while. I haven't been using a whole lot of prepackaged food, but more than I am comfortable with. It was nice to really get in the kitchen and just make a mess, making a mess of food for a later date.

Goals to get made today:

Beef broth 
Roast a chicken
Bread - Honey Wheat Loafs
Muffins - Cranberry Walnut
Chicken broth
Pumpkin spice french toast 

I didn't get the chicken broth done today. I have all the veggies prepped for making it tomorrow. I want to make a batch of chicken noodle soup to put in the freezer. Both the broth and the soup are uses for left over roast chicken that I really love.

I plan on putting pictures up later tonight of what I got done. I just don't trust myself with the camera in the kitchen.

I also did a freezer inventory today. We have A LOT of food in the two freezers. I really need to cook one of the turkeys we have in there. We also have two hams.  I am happy to find out that we have 5 lbs of ground beef. I guess I need to make some taco meat, spaghetti sauce, and taco soup soon.

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