Monday, November 30, 2009

Stuffs for Christmas

Well, Thanksgiving is technically over in our house. My parents are coming down in a week, so it isn't officially over yet, but close enough. That means I need to really start working on making the Winter/ Christmas decorations. I am excited to get started on them, but overwhelmed at the same time. The other problems are that I really like the Fall decorations that are up right now and I am not exactly ready to get rid of them, and I am not the biggest fan of Christmas decorations. The compromise we came up with in our house is to slightly more decorate for winter.

Decorating Ideas:

I want to get a set of these from Ikea to use in our kitchenette. I have cranberry ones in there now for fall and it looks really nice. I got to see the blue ones in person the other day at the store and they are perfect color-wise.

I want new curtains for the living room. I don't want anything to permanently replace the ones that I have now because I really love them (and they work so well to block out heat and light in the living room). I just want something that says holiday a little more than the ones do now. Any suggestions?

Block Decorations:
 I really want a set of these. AJ is going to cut me some that I can paint. I don't think I am going to do "Happy Halloween" on the other side though.

This year we actually have a real sized tree that we got on Black Friday. I have had a train set that I have wanted to put around the tree for years. This year, we are going to try to make that happen. The only thing I am worried about is AJ playing with it all the time.

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