Friday, November 13, 2009

Long Update

I really want to start trying to keep my blog more up to date. I stink at working on it though. I would much rather get into hands on projects than to write about them. But, I want this to evolve into something I enjoy, and something a little more current.

I was looking at the house pictures I posted. Wow!!! They are so out of date it isn't even funny. I didn't think that we had done so much since May, but WOW! I spent yesterday afternoon taking down a lot of the things I had put up since May. Had I known that I hadn't taken pictures of things I would have. Well, now I have my incentive for making sure I take pictures of all the Fall decorations. I really like the way things look right now (except for the guest room - AJ has it torn up to try to work on getting the cable run through the wall into the livingroom... for some reason the cable jacks in the living room and master bedroom never worked. He has all the basics put in now to run the coax cable and the networking cables, so now we just need to get that done.) Hopefully, this weekend we will get the garage fixed so that it is really a useable space. AJ has been working really hard on floorplans for it.

It is interesting, nothing was really wrong with our house when we bought it. Mainly, it had some quirky issues... one of the biggest being that the baseboards are not all nailed down (the former owners took them down to put tile in the downstairs). But, we have spent a lot of time working on things that make the house more liveable to us. We have taken out almost all the wire shelving in the house (I HATE WIRE SHELVES!!!), the only places it is left is our bathroom, the guest bathroom closet, and the guest bedroom. I am so happy with the real shelves that AJ has put up everywhere for me (note to self - take pictures of shelving). We have spent a lot of time decorating the house (and more time trying to find bargins to decorate the house).

We have also spent a lot of time having people at our house. That has been a lot of fun. We like being social, and it is so nice not to be in our horrible apartment (I am not kidding about how bad that place was) in Orlando. I like being able to have local friends over to have dinner and play games, and also have people come into town for the weekends. We have had about 10 different groups of people stay with us. What a blast!

I am also amazed at all the fun stuff I have been able to do in my playroom. I have taken up sewing (sort of), which means that I keep playing with things until I understand them and then move onto the next project. I have had the space to make more t-shirts. I have also had the space to work on pictures. I am not used to that anymore. I really haven't had a craft space since I moved out of my parents place. It is really nice to be able to make a mess and then walk away from it. I don't have to try to clean up in the middle of something, which is really nice when I am working on somethig and it frustrates me... I can go away until I figure out how to fix it. AJ also hooked my desktop back up for me, so I have a computer hooked to a printer that is all mine (for everything from my music to my crafts and pictures).

I want to be better at posting pictures from our world. I have so many things I have done that just got lost in the void of life. I want to take pictures of the things I make - food, crafts, and memories. The bad part about that right now is that my camera DIED!!! AJ tried to fix it, but to no avail. So, it means that for now I am using the still function on the video camera... well, at least it normally takes good pictures.

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