Monday, November 16, 2009

Craft Room

I said I would finally get around to posting pictures of the house. Well, since I have been spending a lot of time in my playroom I decided to start there. This room looks nothing like it did when we bought the house. Here is what it looked like when we bought it:

Did you notice all that "lovely" hot pink coloring? Trust me, it was hideously obnoxious. It was bright enough that when someone walked into the room they looked like they had an instant sunburn. I did love the fact that it has an awesome little window seat. So, even though it was the craziest shades of pink, I took this room for my playroom.

I spent about three days painting the room. It took two coats of white primer to cover the pink. Then I put up the yellow. The initial plan was to paint the whole thing this really soft buttery yellow. Well, the best ideas aren't always the best plan. Once I got the top painted I decided that it was probably going to be to much if I did the whole thing yellow, so I left the bottom white. I really like the way it turned out.

We found this neat little table at Salvation Army one day for $35. It was more than we probably should have spent, but it is exactly what I needed. It has double drop downs. So, I can choose how much table space I need. Normally, I keep the half that is down in the picture up. But I do love the flexibility of the table. I also really like having my desk in the corner.

I love the board hanging from the rosette. Beth gave it to me as a wedding present. It is cool because it is actually a magnetic board with a "clothesline" attached to it. It is really easy to change the pictures and words without much thought or effort.

I found these pictures in a calendar at a thrift store. I fell in love with them. I think little piggies are so cute. These gave me the idea to try to decorate with black and white on the yellow. I think they turned out really well. The fun thing is that when I get tired of these four pigs I can change them out with the other ones in the calendar.

I promise the bookcases are actually way more organized than they look. I like having a shelf for my cricuit, sewing machine and serger, and fabrics. Having my supplies visible makes me want to actually use them. Hence , the reason that there are no doors on my closet any longer. I am so happy that AJ built me these awesome shelves. They hold a lot of stuff. Actually, the shelves aren't organized as well as I want, but I have so much space in there that it isn't a problem right now.

The other cool thing I got was a paper rack. A craft store was going out of business last year around Christmas, so we picked up the rack for me and about four more for my mom as a Christmas present. I still need to take the price tags off the rack, but at the moment I am considering it character.

The window seat. I want to find some black and white fabric to make curtains, but I have yet to find what I want. Apparently, it is really comfy because AJ is currently curled up on it.

I made a mini nightstand type area to hold stuff so I could sit on the window seat and have a place to put my glass or keep a pen and a notebook. Also, note the cute cast iron pig I found.


Goddess of Random said...

That looks really nice! I myself would have left the pink, but you know how crazy I am :D

I don't even dare to dream of the day I'll have a house to mold into my own, but I'm starting to get used to the idea of who might be in it with me.

:: hugs :: Keep up the good work.

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Whoa. I have craftroom envy. :-) My craftroom is the dining room table! I have to clear it off in time for meals three times a day. And my craft accessories and machinery is lined up against the kitchen wall behind the table. Messy. But that's what ya get with five people in a three bedroom house!

I LOVE the black and white pictures on yellow. And the piggies are adorable!!

dax248 said...

Kelly - The pink was so bad that I couldn't craft in here. It changed the colors of everything, and distorted colors are hard to scrapbook with.

Beth - I would happily trade the craft room for the three kids you have :) I spent lots of time with only a dining room table, so I feel the pain.