Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CRAFT DAY!!! Project 4

Goal 5 - Start Working on Papermache critters

I found these neat little birds on this site and I really loved them. I have no expectation of making anything that looks as good as this lady's. Her's are so darn cute! But, I haven't done papermache in ages, so I wanted to give it a whirl.

I started the day with this craft, because I never really do things in the order they are on my list. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my hands to work right. I lost my fine motor control for a while, so I gave up right after they looked like they do in the last picture.

Paper ball lumps. Covered in masking tape.

It sort of looks like a bird, right?

This one looks much more pathetic. I still need to put some wings on him, and I think I am going to try to put a tail on both birds. The second bird is a LOT bigger than the first one, about double the size. I don't know if I am going to make more of one size or the other, but I would like to make a pair of red birds. The craft store had some that I like the other day, but they were expensive and covered in glitter paint (I DON'T LIKE GLITTER!!!!), so I took pictures to try to make them.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Aw, I like them! One can be the Momma and one can be the baby. :-) I think they're adorable and can't wait to see what they look like painted!

Jes said...

cute! i might have to attempt some!

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Those are cute! Oh and something funny... you mentioned hating glitter... Just today someone sent Savannah an outfit with GLITTER on it! I was like, wow I haven't seen that before!

dax248 said...

I still need to actually paper them. AJ really liked the birds. He fluttered them around the craft room.

Beth - I will take pictures when I get them painted. Probably next week though.

Jes - They were really easy! Try it and take pictures for us!

Ashley - I don't know what I would do with a child's outfit with glitter. It just makes thing look tacky to me. I had to hunt like mad for decorations that didn't have it.

Andy said...

What a delight to see your handiwork. I love all your projects and it was fun to hear you describe not only your work but your thoughts.

I look forward to seeing them next week.