Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CRAFT DAY!!! - Project 1

Goal 2 - Spray Paint Candle Holders

was to get these little metal trays that I picked up from Ikea (they were 4 for $1) spray painted. I have some fun paint that makes things look like hammered metal.

Ugly silver color (normally, I really like silver, but this time it just won't work).

Ruining the bottom of a plastic container, oh wait, this is the one that the corner is busted out of, so spray paint won't hurt at all.

Final outcome. A pretty candle holder that works with the fall colors and theme. It doesn't look anything like the little bowl it started as.

I love spray paint. I have changed the way so many things look with spray paint. I am not afraid to fail with it and then try something new. I guess it was telling how much I love using spray paint when we were cleaning the garage. I have a whole shelf of spray paint... all kinds of colors and textures.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

I love it! I bet you have gorgeous seasonal decorations all around your house. I have none. :-) We decorate for Christmas, but can't put out candles or breakables, what with our house full of toddlers and all. Plus I never really was very Martha Stewart-y like that. But seeing this inspires me!

dax248 said...

I have never been really into decorating until we got the house. I liked to decorate with furniture and things like that before, but never had the space to decorate with stuff. I took pictures of the house, which was the last item on my list, but those are for future post.