Thursday, May 14, 2009

Working on the House.

I worked on the house today. It is the first day I haven't wanted to just lay in bed and suffer through this infection. Actually, I couldn't sleep or rest if I wanted too. The doctor put me on prednisone (a steroid), and I don't react well to this stuff, but luckily it is only a lack of sleep.

So, today I got stuff done. Nothing major, but enough that I feel like I made some progress. I did take a couple of pictures, but I realized I took them before I had finished some of the projects today. 

I unpacked the china that we got as an early Christmas present from AJ's grandma. It looks awesome in the china cabinet. I love the dining room set we have. AJ's grandparents are moving to a retirement community in a couple of weeks and they sold us their set. It looks amazing in our dining room. The china cabinet also has a set of china from his Grandma Peck, too. The sets look so nice next to each other. They are also in there with a partial set that I picked up from a garage sale. It is a partial set because it is missing most of the eating parts of the set... mainly the large plates, so I plan on using it is a dessert set.

I glued my elephant's head back onto its body. During the move from Gainesville to Orlando, Scott cracked the head, and then a couple of weeks later the head fell off. I had meant to throw the thing away before we moved into the house, but AJ kept saying to just glue it back together. Then my momma saw it last weekend and she said the same thing, and that I should use it to hold towels in the half bath downstairs. So, the elephant has a newly fixed head and is waiting to turn into a towel holder. 

I worked on finding stuff in the garage. That is not a fun task. I almost want to just go to Wal-Mart and buy the stuff over again so that I don't have to about die from heatstroke in the garage. I found some of the things I wanted, but I am still missing a shoe rack that I want to put in the bedroom. I found the shower curtain rod for the guest bathroom... now that means I need to silicone the shower so that it is usable. Maybe I will tackle that this weekend. I also found AJ's missing lunch box. We have been improvising and I think that has been annoying him.

I worked on re-organizing kitchen stuff. I got the appliances a little more figured out. Right now, I don't see the point in having the bread maker in the kitchen since it will probably be a while before I am ready to start making bread again. So, it actually went back into the garage. I did find the toaster... I have been hunting that bad boy. So, he got his home out on the counter next to the coffee pot and blender. I also found some great black porcelain containers that I had bought to put in the kitchen before we bought the house.

I am really surprised that all of the things we have for the kitchen match our kitchen (other than our white coffee pot, but that is ok). I think it is awesome that a lot of the things we registered for when we got married work in this house. I did find a hat rack that I bought to put in the kitchen to hang my aprons on, now I can't wait to get that up and hang all my pretty vintage aprons up.

I also re-organized the deep freeze. I know that isn't the most useful of my time, but it really needed to be done. It was getting annoying to have to pull everything out to try to find what I wanted to cook. I did find all the frozen juice we had gotten AJ. I told him it was in there somewhere, and of course it was on the bottom. I also found something that I need to let my sister-in-law know about.  They are yummy frozen meals that still require some cooking, but it is a complete meal that makes four full servings. We found them at Wal-Mart. They are amazing, quick, and just plain yummy.


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Yay for getting things done!

How did you end up with TWO sets of family china?? :-) Do you want a third? (Just kidding!) I have my great-grandmother's set that I am trying to rehome...

dax248 said...

AJ says we will take the other set too. I like dishes and china, so the more the merrier.