Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Whole New World

I think I am finally back in the mood to start blogging again. I finally have a desire to share my life with people who want to read about it. Since moving to Orlando things haven't been the easiest, prettiest, or just plain not fun in a lot of respects. Things look like they are looking up now. 

Recap of the last year:

- June
 - AJ gets hired in Orlando. Molly still stuck in Gainesville.
- Molly quits working at UF after 7 years.
- Get an apartment. Decent place, but not the greatest. Miss the flat in Gainesville.
- August 
- A/C dies in apartment for 2 months.
- Molly gets part time job at Blue Man Group.
- AJ returns to working at Universal part time, also.
- Paid off all credit card debt ($3,000)
-Apartmetment becomes infested with bugs and continues until April 09.
- October
- Molly gets full time job at UCF. Still working at BMG, also.
- November
- AJ finally gets hired on full time at JBT. Still working at Universal.
- Molly stops working at BMG thinking that UCF is a stable job.
- December
- Molly quits UCF job due to INSANE supervisor. Decides being a stay at home wife is where she is supposed to be.
- Paid off AJ's first student loan ($4,000)
- January 
- Molly breaks foot. 
- Start planning major Disney trip to celebrate being out of debt.
- February
- Molly gets job as a church secretary, part time. 
- Paid off AJ's second (and last student loan) ($8,000)
- March
- Decided that now might be the time to start looking at buying a house.
- Find the house we want, and put in an offer.
- April
- Deal with major issues on getting the house. (Had an inspector say the house was unliveable because we didn't have a piece of baseboard, carpet transitions, and the carpets were dirty.)
- Finally closed on the house on April 15. File taxes and get house credit.
- Start moving into the house.
- DISNEY TRIP. The best vacation I have had in a long time.
- May
- House starting to look like a house and not a box wearhouse.

I love the being in the house. It is definately the right thing for AJ and I at the right time. When we had to go back to the apartment to clean it before we turned the keys in I was really sad. Not because I was sad for leaving, but at how bad the apartment really was.  When I was there the AC started pouring water out of the intake vent. I opened the cover and water gushed out, the filter was soaked, and the motor was "chugging" again.  I was glad to be leaving that fight behind.

I want to start posting pictures of the new house as I get projects done. I need to take some pictures tomorrow. 

I have the dining room almost done, I just need to center the furniture and find some curtains. I still want to paint the dining room a nice teal color, and use this fun fabric I found as the table cloth or curtains. But for now, that is down the road.

I did work on the kitchenette yesterday. The table had been a black and white polka dot and the chairs were a pretty bright red. I really loved this theme, but it didn't work in the new house. I tried and tried to figure out how to make it work, but it was to modern looking to fit into the house. So, I had been looking on the internet for ideas. I found something I really liked, and I have been searching for something similar. 

I found these great pineapple curtains at Wal-Mart. They are part of the Better Homes and Garden collection. I also painted the table and chairs to match the new theme better.  The table is a bright white, and the chairs are a sun shiney yellow. I also found this amazingly cute little clay bird at Lowe's.  We are hunting a nice corner cabinet to put in the kitchenette to display AJ's collection of theme park glasses (that is the only way they are getting put into the kitchen, because last time they were exposed to the air and they got all grimey). Our kitchenette doesn't look like the inspiration picture at all, but that is why it is an inspiration picture and not a copy of it.


Emily said...

Wow, congratulations on getting out of debt so quickly! That's really impressive. Y'all certainly earned a vacation. Yay self-discipline!

dax248 said...

The scary thing is how little money we were living on. I am dumbfounded when I think about how much we paid off knowing what little was coming in. We took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class and that really gave us the motivation.

It was fun going on vacation knowing everything was paid for already and we had cash to cover anything we wanted. We went back the next weekend to buy our Disney Annual Passes, and we were talking to the lady about our trip. She was amazed we were celebrating being out of debt and paid cash for the trip. Then I joked when she handed me my ticket, "this has been a long time coming." She asked why we hadn't bought them before our trip, and I said we didn't have the money to pay for them until we were out of debt and her jaw about hit the counter.

At some point we need to get you and Cary down here and have Cary give us an insider tour of Disney. But I know y'all are planning your BIG trip - needless to say I want pictures from that!

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

People are amazed when you pay cash for things! That's so exciting that y'all were able to reward yourselves like that! I'm proud of you. :-)

I'm also jealous about how LITTLE you were in debt! ;-) We are still almost $25k in debt with school loans, but it's down from $70k three years ago so I think we're doing great. See, when I went to college my parents told me that I *had* to go to a Christian school. Somehow they changed their minds by the time it was AJ's turn. ;-) But that's okay - Taylor was worth it, despite the debt.

Our church is offering a Dave Ramsey class this summer, and I think it would be a great time to take one, since I'm about to quit work and we're about to add to our family.

I look forward to you blogging more. :-)