Saturday, May 30, 2009

House Pictures - Finally!

I have been promising pictures for a while and I finally dug AJ's camera out and took some. Things are no where near as done as I want them. I figured out a good reason for that. I keep getting distracted by random projects.

Dining room. It is still lacking the personality I want it to have, but it is getting there.

The china cabinet. I LOVE THIS!!!! I LOVE THE CHINA TOO!!!! We have AJ's grandma's on both sides china. I think it is so awesome to have family stuff, it makes me feel closer to his roots. The cows that are in there are salt and pepper shakers that I thought were just to cool to pass up at Salvation Army. They made me smile and I got the set for $1.50.

Our pineapple kitchenette. This area makes me smile. I really like the sunny yellow color. Waking up to this makes me happy. I painted my little table I got from my grandma. A couple of years ago I painted this set with black and white polka dots on the table and bright red chairs. It looks so different being white and yellow, but I love this look in this house as much as I loved the polka dots in my flat in Gainesville.

Having the cookbooks next to the kitchen is amazing! It is something I have never had before, and what a difference it makes. I am more willing to try new reciepes if they are closer to the kitchen for some reason. I also wanted to get a closer picture of the little bird I found at Lowes. He is supposed to be an outside thing, but he was just too cute to pass up.

This area is along the staircase wall that houses the 1/2 bath. Still not sure how this is going to evolve, but so far I like it. The dresser is great storage for all of our games. The funny part is that even with all that space we have more games that don't fit. I picked up the mirror at a garage sale today for $3. I think it fits well in that space. I don't like mirrors at all, but I am learning that they are ok to use as design and decorating things.

My elephant 1/2 bath. I am really excited about the potential of this room, but kinda stuck on it right now. I want to paint it a nice light green, but I am a little burnt out on painting lately. If you look at the elephant on the floor that is the one that the head keeps coming off. I fixed it again today, and I am hoping it holds this time. The picture that is on the wall I got today at a garage sale for $1. That really is giving me some more inspiration.

The elephant picture. Isn't it just adorable? Can you tell I have a thing for elephants? When I get my little collection all figured out I will post pictures of that too.

Our bedroom. I am still looking for the metal candle holders that I want to use for the headboard... they are in the garage (under AJ's tools which are to heavy for me to move). I am still torn about the curtains, but we need something to block out light because that room is just to bright early in the morning. I made the pillow cover on the little pillow out of two napkins I found on clearance at Wal-Mart. AJ built the little bench at the end of the bed, I just need to get him to put some sides on it so I can paint it.

My vanity. I am excited about the possibilities with this little area. I got the desk of craigslist, the mirror at Salvation Army, the tea set at a local thirft store, the lamp at a garage sale today, and I had the metal chair (it was just black and red to match the polka dots). I like the lamp a lot, I am just not sure it is going to stay there or that lime green. It is a really old metal lamp and it is just fun. I was really surprised it worked when I put a bulb in. I got another one that is a burnt orange color that I can't get to work, but I am hoping we might be able to re-wire it and get it working too.

I painted the chair and recovered the seat cushin with this fun brown, white, and blue fabric. I was so thrilled when I found the fabric and it was $1.50 a yard. I got 3 yards. I plan on covering some of the other throw pillows I have for the bed. I just ran out of steam and time before I got the camera. I also found this really nice soft blue fabirc and covered a little throw pillow I had. It works really well as the back cushin.

Looking at the pictures I am starting to see how much work has gone into things. They aren't where I want them to be, but they are making progres. I keep thinking things aren't getting done, but looking at it from a different perspective was kinda nice. I still need to take pictures of the guest room, but right now it is a staging area for AJ's library bookcases. I also need to take pictures of my new improved yellow playroom, but I need help haning my pig pictures and I need to finish cleaning it up some (making pillows is a messy project).


SK said...

It's obvious that you are enjoying the adventure of making the house your home. It'll still be evolving in years to come. I hope you continue to love the ride. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

things are looking really good!. I love the mirror on the stairway wall. Also the little dressing table. Everything is coming togather, you have accomplished alot since we were down there a couple of weeks ago. Good Girl. I was hoping to see the picture of the niche in the bedroom with the picture in it. Like the top of AJ dresser, can see it in the reflection. Mom

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Looks great!

Just to clear things up... Both those sets of china are from my mom's mom. My other grandma's china went to one of my two aunts. The set on the middle shelf wasn't really their fine china, but rather their everyday china, which I actually used for a year and a half before we got married and got our own everyday dishes. :-)

dax248 said...

Ashley- AJ thought they were from your Grandma Peck for some reason, but we are happy to have them either way.