Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weight Update

The new weight total is 213.8lb! I am thrilled. I know that I didn't do an official weigh in last week, but I am still happy that I lost almost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. Especially with all the stuff going on in my life. The biggest of which is AJ had his wisdom teeth taken out. That means that I have been home trying to get things ready for that and also being his "nurse".

This being home has made me realize that unless my day has a set schedule I graze all day! When I am at work I am much better about 3 meals and 2 snacks. Being home... I eat almost no real meals and munch all day. This has lead to me going over my points 3 days this week, but luckily I have done some major pint building with exercise and I did bank some points early this week. So all in all I still have a positive point balance and I plan on keeping it that way through today. That means that I can have a little bit of whatever yummy is at Betty's house for Bible Study tonight.

Speaking of Betty... I need to start calling her more often to go walking with. She is a great partner and since the offer is there I need to take her up on it. I need to start making this exercise thing a priority and not just a "oh I have got time during work to do it." Because I am feeling a lot better, well at least as well as possible for me which still makes me very happy.

I am wondering if I can fit into some of my jeans that were getting to tight again. I am still kinda scared to try because I don't want to have a failure in clothing size just yet. If I don't try I can keep it in my head that they are still too small and then when I do try them they will either fit very well or they will be a bit to big. I think I will wait for that and then let people know.

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