Thursday, May 15, 2008

Prayer Request - JOBS!

Well I am breaking out the prayer request again. I normally don't write much about my job, and with good reasons. I deal with some really confidential stuff and the rest of my job is fairly boring to most people and those that it isn't to boring makes them want to pull out their hair with me in frustration when things don't work.

Well there have been circulating rumors that three of the four positions in our group are being closed. Mine is supposed to be one of them. I am not panicking like I should be because I know it is all for the best and that God has a plan for it all. Also, there are some deep undercurrent issues that if you want to know about you will have to talk to me. So I am not to unhappy about all this. The problem is I need some prayer that God will provide another job for me either in the short term until AJ can find a job, or in the long term that will allow us to go ahead and move to Orlando and allow AJ to job hunt down there.

We are just in a state of flux and chaos. Luckily AJ's job has allowed him to start working up to 30 hours, which the plan is to use the extra money to pay off his school loans and such. I have been following I've Paid For This Twice Already advice about snowflaking. So I have been squirreling away small bits of money and extra income for a little while. I also want to thank again the people who have contributed to me being able to snowflake this money. It has given me a sense that financially we are going to be ok and that money is going to be there, just not as much and as freely.

The main thing I am worried about is my health insurance. I have some weird health problems and loosing that coverage is going to stink, but I am not panicking about that really either. I have already started looking into personal health insurance plans and their coverage. They are more expensive, but that is what emergency funds are for, right?

So, again I ask that ya'll be praying for mine and AJ's job situation and that God will just keep us calm and provide the same way He always has.



ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Job searching is the worst thing on earth. I hope you and/or AJ find jobs soon. :-( And I also hope you find jobs in Atlanta. ;-)

Amy said...

I'll be praying for both of ya'll's (can a word have two apostrophes?) job situations.

I took it fairly lightly when I heard AJ was looking for a job now that he's out of school b/c I don't think I realized the full extent of the situation (not that I claim to understand it now, but at least more after having read this post).

dax248 said...

Thanks Ashley and Amy!

Ashley: Yes, I do not like job searching, sam I am. I do not like it on a train, I do not like it in a plane.

Ok, I have no clue where the Green Eggs and Ham thoughts are coming from, but it made me laugh.

Amy: We were going at it lightly with AJ's and we knew we would move when he found one, but adding my possible job loss to it makes it much scarier. As soon as I actually get real words about what is going on I will post more.