Friday, April 25, 2008

YAY - Money!

I have got happy news: I got money yesterday!

Yesterday I got my check from yesterday. It was only $16, but wow! I had just filled out a couple of their free offers (I made a spam email box for this purpose) and the daily surveys. It was fairly easy and I did it while I had down time. So it didn't take up any valuable time. I would really recommend them if you are looking for a fairly easy way to make some pocket money. In my case this money is going into a savings account to pay for some trips that are up coming in mine and AJ's life. Cashcrate pays out once a month, so as long as you make $15 a month they will send you a check. They also have a nifty referral program. Anyone who signs up under me I get paid an extra 25% of what they make (they don't take it from the person, but it is just an over and above type thing). Then anyone who signs up under that person, I get 10% of that (and their original signer gets the initial 25%). Pretty nifty.

I also got my $40 from RevolutionMoneyExchange yesterday. They are still doing their promotion of get $25 for signing up and I get $10. So if you are interested in it, click the button on my side bar. I would appreciate it if you do it, and well you get money out of it.

I have also been getting emails from MyPoints and InboxDollars. MyPoints gives you points that you redeem for gift crads. InboxDollars pays you cash when you get up to $30. Both of them will send you emails that you click on and it credits to you account. I like both of these because they are easy to do, especially if you create an email account just for them. It is nice, I check it about twice a day and click through the emails and I get points. If you are interested in either of these things let me know and I can send you a referral link.

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