Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weight Update

Today was weigh in day. The total was 217.6. *insert major happy dance*

Needless to say, I am very happy. I forgot that I had originally punched my weight into the tracker the morning after I came back from the doctor. So, according to it, I have lost 7.6 pounds. Yay Molly.

I have been doing pretty good on my points. There have been a couple of days of struggling, and going over my 31 max points, but I have accumulated about 18 extra points this week. That has allowed me to go over by 10 total this week. I haven't added today's extra points into that, but I ended this week with more extra points than I used. Not to bad for my first week back.

I have also found some fun recipes that are very low in point, very healthy, and very easy on our food budget. We had homemade rice and bean burritos tonight. Oh my they were yummy, and I also got 2 full burritos with sour cream for a total of 5 points - oh yeah!!!

I am actually enjoying my walking as my exercise. Three to four days a week for work I have to walk across campus to the hospital to take samples and then wait 45 minutes to get the results. During this time I speed walk around a slightly deserted floor in the ARB. I know this one secretary thinks I am crazy with my Zune blaring and me walking in circles, but soon she will be seeing less and less of me go by her door. I am actually really thankful for this chance my job is giving me to work out on the clock.

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