Friday, April 18, 2008

Silly Allergies

I have been sick with my allergies this week. They have been bothering me to the point that I have been home since Wednesday afternoon. I went to the doctor today and she looked in my ears... apparently my ear tubes are all stopped up and my ear drum is all sucked into my ear. Yeah, I know kinda gross, but at the same time kinda neat.... well if it didn't hurt so much.

But on a slightly happier note she gave me two prescriptions for new allergy medicines. The downer note is that they are both tier 2 drugs on my insurance which means they both cost $25 each month. That is a big chunk of our budget, so I was considering only filling one and just not using the other. Well, I did fill one because I had a fill a new prescription at CVS get a $25 gift card... so in some ways it negates the cost of the medicine. Then I got to looking in the sample of the other medicine the doctor gave me - IT HAD A COUPON IN IT! The coupon is for $20 back for filling a prescription. SWEET!!! Which means that I will fill this one as soon as I get another coupon for a free gift card from somewhere. Add that on top of the $20 rebate coupon, and I am getting a good deal out of it.

Well that got me thinking...I wonder if any of my other medicines have possible coupons. I went on the Merck website which is the maker of Singulair has a rebate program that is odd, but good. $10 off the first two prescriptions and $20 of the third, so I called them and requested that they send me the packet. If it will help my allergies and get it for less than it is supposed to cost that would be great.

I also went and checked out the site for Nasacort, they have a program you can enroll in and they will email you rebates for up to $20 a month for filling the prescription. If they email it to me once a month I will gladly refill this until I figure out if it is working.

YAY for coupons and rebates!!!

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