Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh Where Is My AJ *sung to the Hairbrush tune*

I am grumbly, I warn you now. Read at your own risk.

I miss my AJ. I haven't seen him since Saturday (well that is even questionable if you count all the running around I had to do and all the other activities we had going on).

He has been staying up very late to work on either homework or his senior project. Which means that he has been coming to bed about the time I have to get up to go to work. It is sad when I get up to go potty in the middle of the night and he is still working away. I miss my snuggle partner.

Also, his group has been meeting a lot lately to get everything done for their project that is due tomorrow... that means that for the last 2 day I have been told he would get home at 5pm... yeah right. Last night he got home at 9ish, and tonight isn't looking any better.

The real downfall of this is my eating. Being depressed or unhappy makes me eat more randomly. I am still within my points for the last 2 days, but barely. Yesterday I stayed within them because of the exercise, today is about the same, but not there yet.



Emily said...

Being married when one person is still in school can be no fun sometimes :( I'm sure AJ is as bummed as you are - I always hate it when I have tons of work to do and Cary's just sitting around by himself. I gave him a shout-out in my thesis dedication for putting up with so much school stuff over the last two years. But you're almost done - yay!

dax248 said...

It is harder than I thought, but I am glad we got married before he graduated. Trying to have a wedding in 8 days from now (which was the original plan) would not be easy. I would be psychotic, well more than normal. ;)

Emily said...

Well, and really I think there is no perfect time to get married. Your life will always be happening, and you will always have to make adjustments once you're married so your marriage fits into all the other stuff you were doing before, whether that be school or work or whatever.