Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Last night the Mythbusters came to Gainesville. WOW!!! AJ and I went out to dinner with Jose and Adrienne, and then headed to the O'Dome. None of us thought that it would be that crowded, but there were so many people wanting to get in. AJ and I found a parking spot really close, but Jose had to park all the way down in the commuter lot (about a mile away).

It was fun spending time with Jose and Adrienne. We found out that we have a lot in common and that we are both really nerdy couples. I think we are going to try to invite them over for a Star Wars marathon sometime soon.

Unfortunately, the Mythbusters weren't allowed to blow anything us on campus. We were sad, but we did learn some fun facts - that San Diego won't let people make projectile weapons unless it is for research purposes and then it must be held by a law enforcement officers.. so they just invite the police out to be a part of it, the same thing goes for explosions and the fire department. They have also been consulted by NASA and a couple other agencies. They also said that they would keep doing this until they die, because it is more ingrained into their personality to try to tinker with things and figure them out. They had some great one line comebacks to the moderator... I wish I could remember some of the better ones (or any of them at all).

This was the largest crowd ACCENT had turn out since a speaker in 2004. We were way up in the upper decks, but actually we had great seats because we could see two screens and the stage.

Way down there on the stage.

Up on the big screens.

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