Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Made $11.97 at CVS today!

Today was my first true net gain today at CVS. *Jumping for joy!* We needed milk and vinegar, so I had to figure out some way to get them and to try to make a real gain today. I had $17.99 in EBCs to work with, which I will admit was a good start, but I hadn't figured out how to really work them without loosing more than I made.

The break down:

Transaction #1

$8.94 - Essence of Beauty gift bags (6) (EBCs - $10)
$3.99 - CVS Rapid Release "tylenol" (1) (EBCs- $3.99)
$0.09 - Easter Chocolate (1)
$13.02 - Total
-$3.00 - CVS coupon $3/10
$10.02 - Total
-$10.00 - EBC
$0.02 - OOP

EBCs Earned: $13.99

Transaction # 2

$11.97 - CVS Rapid Release "tylenol" (3) (EBCs- $11.97)
$9.98 - Softsoap Spa (2) (EBCs - $9.98)
$1.99 - Heinz White Vinegar (EBCs - $1.00)
$3.69 - TG Lee Milk
$27.63 - Total
-$2.00 - Softsoap Spa coupon (2)
-$3.00 - CVS coupon $3/10
-$4.00 - CVS email coupon $4/20
$18.63 - Total
-$14.97 - EBC
$3.66 - OOP

EBCs Earned: $22.95

Final Outcome:

EBCs Spent: $24.97
EBCs Earned: $36.94
EBCs "Profit": $11.97

Yes, I realize I am a nerd. I am thinking of scanning in my spreadsheet that I had created to work this out. The sad part isn't the spreadsheet... the sad part is all the calculations on the spreadsheet done in pen. I worked hard on the spreadsheet and then in the car on the way to CVS I figured out another way to make more EBCs. My initial calculations came out to making $21.96, not to bad... but I would have spent $15 and not gotten my milk or vinegar. So all in all, I am proud of myself. Just a side note: AJ thinks I am silly for this, but I think deep down he is proud of me (and not just because I am having to do math for my new crazy hobby).
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Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Well, I'M proud of you... :-) I wish our CVS had that softsoap bodywash... Unfortunately, everyone around here knows how to make money at CVS, too. So they're always sold out of the good stuff at midnight on Sundays.

Seriously.. I've gone at midnight. People are in line with carts loaded ready for the clock to strike 12 so they can check out.

dax248 said...

Hi Beth!

Luckily there isn't a shortage of CVS around here. There are about 5 in a 5 mile radius of my house, so I can pick and choose my location. I wish I could share the CVS store wealth.

Helen said...

I think you did great. that counting pennies and trying to get the most for your money must be in the genes. You are your Daddy's child.