Monday, April 7, 2008

CVS and other shopping

Ok, today just seems to be a bloggy and busy day. I feel like a lot has gotten done, but it has been a long day. I got AJ to go shopping with me this afternoon. I found some great coupons today and I wanted to take advantage of them before they expired. I like shopping with coupons, they help me feel like I have gotten some splurges without actually paying a lot for them. I am still a slight girl and I like getting new things that I normally wouldn't buy.

Store 1 - CVS

Excedrin (24 count) - $1.99 each * 5 = 9.95
Covergirl TrueBlend foundation - $9.29 each *2 = $18.58

Excedrin $2/1 *5 = $10
Covergirl $2/1 = $2
Covergirl B1G1 = $9.29
EBC $5 = $5

OOP = $2.24

EBCs Generated = $17

Store 2 - Lowes

Brita Water Pitcher $7.97 *2 = 15.94

Brita Man. coupon $5 *2 = $10

OOP = $6.32

Store 3 - Bath and Body Works

Body Massager $4
Body Lotion $10.50

Store coupon by anything and get an item up to $11 value = $10.50

OOP = $4.26

So all in all a good night of shopping. Just add that to my great grocery shopping from this weekend ($29 at Publix and $25 stocking up at Super Wal-Mart). I know I am not sticking to any real budget very well at this point, but I feel like I am doing better at getting what we need and some of what we want at better prices and freeing up some money to be able to put into savings and try to get my credit card all paid off in the next month.

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