Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 1- A New Start

I started a new devotional today. My goal is to try and get my thoughts and feelings centered on where they should be. I am hoping that using an e-devotional and an e-journal will help. So on with the show.

We don't intend for it to happen but somehow a
passiveness creeps into our busy Christian's lives.
We do ministry, we pray on the run, we read
when we get a minute, we encourage where we can,
we drop our tithe in the offering...and we slip
into a passive relationship with Jesus. We begin
to expect Him to do the job of drawing near to us.

Wow. Yeah. I know that I slip into that more often than not. Unfortunately, that is NOT what I am supposed to do. I am supposed to seek Him and draw close to Him. Not wait on Him to draw me in by entertaining me or grabbing my attention. God grabbing my attention generally isn't the way I want to go about things, because in the past it has hurt and well honestly it was good for me, but not exactly pleasant. As my mommy would say, "I got a knot snatched in my tail." It hurts, don't want to do that again. I would much rather my relationship with Him be a true seeking. One full of desire and love on my part. A wanting to spend time with my loving God. Not an attention grabbing effort on His or my part. I don't want to seek Him to gain approval from others. And in case anyone who might read this thinks that is what I am doing here, well you are wrong. I could care less if anyone reads my devotionals. This is my time to reflect on myself and my relationship with my God. I guess part of it is the desire that if people want to hold me accountable they can by reading this. They will know where I stand and if it is falling then correct me on it.

God makes a promise: "Draw near to God and He will
draw near to you" (James 4:8). What do you need to
do today, this week, to actively choose your
relationship with Jesus over the many important
and busy tasks that call for your attention? He longs
to bring freshness to your soul!

What do I need to do? I need to work at spending time with God on every level. I think my plan for this is to:
  1. start doing this devotional - Week 1
  2. start reading my Bible before bed (it isn't going to be a lot, but a start) - Week 1
  3. set aside my prayer time - Week 1
  4. work on the devotional AJ and I are doing together.
  5. start reading my Bible before bed (more in length) - Week 2 or 3
  6. continue goal 3 - Week 3 on
  7. continue on goal 4 - Week 3 on

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