Monday, February 26, 2007

What A... Wow

The last week has been nuts. Again, I switch to list format:

  1. Hives. Never ever ever wish these on anyone. They suck. You itch. Simple.
  2. OBGYN. Enough said.
  3. Blood drawn. Again, yuck.
  4. Apartment robbed. Stuff taken. Have to replace it. Feel scared in my own place. Starting to see the trend?
  5. AJ rocks. Even bad things have a good side and getting to see AJ step up and be there for me made things a lot better. Certainly helps with the trust issue :)
  6. Seeing my friends show who really cares.
  7. Seeing my parents. Having my daddy fix things to make me safe.
  8. Seeing that actions really do speak louder than words sometime, actually most of the time.
  9. Knowing that God kept me safe and has provided comfort for me.
  10. Worship at church that just rocked!
  11. Seeing that things might just work out after all.
  12. Getting to see the Stine and introducing my AJ to her :)
  13. Maybe getting a full nights sleep....

1 comment:

usacomp2k3 said...

Yay for my Molly, and glad to meet 'the Stine' :-)