Friday, February 16, 2007

Thoughts of Randomness

  1. I like list. They make everything look organized even when it isn't.
  2. I have a friend that is with child, but not in the happily married kinda way. It is really odd. Actually the whole situation is odd, the guy who helped make it, the whole lead up to and during their relationship, and following the whole evolution online. The grandparents have not been told, because at least on his end his parents don't think he is having pre-marital sex... if they only knew what this guy has done and the destruction it has caused in 7 months.
  3. I am really hungry. I hope Chris and Alicia show up with food soon. Then we can head to Orlando!
  4. Computer biology is annoying. Not because of the thoughtlessness of it, but because the software is crap. It does not work on any logical basis.
  5. I like my AJ. He makes me very happy.
  6. The bouncing bruise has mostly gone away... well I hope it has, otherwise riding coasters tomorrow is going to hurt.
  7. We still need to buy a notebook for theme park stats.
  8. Seeing a guy on a unicycle made me chuckle. I can't even begin to imagine the level of balance it would take to use one.
  9. Pi the movie is still as odd as I remember.
  10. It is cold in Gainesville.
  11. Next Friday I have a date with my Stine - YIPPIE!
  12. Food is here!!!

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