Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Balancing Act

I am supposed to be in bed. I promised I would go to bed tonight earlier than I went to bed last night, but I am not so sure that is going to happen. I have got thoughts running through my mind that are going to make it hard to turn it off if I go lay down. I really need to find that off switch. Maybe I can use the one that the guy in Pi used. That seem to work really well for shutting off his math ability, maybe it would work for my thinking ability.

I spent the night hanging out with Kelly. I think it was a good use of not going to homegroup. I got to catch up with her and also get filled in on all the information that is happening in the "ferret" club. WOW! They are a complicated bunch.

r zn wrhzkklrmgvw vevm gslfts r szev ml irtsg gl yv. gsrmth ziv zmmlbrmt nv. r szev ml xlmglo levi gsvn. gszg uifghfuzgvh nl. r wlmg xziv zylfg nkvootmt. r dzmg a wzgr mrtsg zmw gszg rhmg szzkkvmrmt uli z olmt dsrov zg ovzhg z xlfkov lu dvvph. zits!

I have reverted to a past time. Oh well. That took more brain power than it should have, but I was doing computer biology today and that saps energy and brain power. It is very useful, but very boring and time consuming.

Off to bed to hopefully sleep.


usacomp2k3 said...

Poor brain. Did it get all tired from running around and plop over to rest eventually?

dax248 said...

sort of, but not really...

Anonymous said...

aww i sowwy molly


Anonymous said...

Dsb ml wzgv mrtsg uli gszg olmt?? Mzpv grnv! Srn gll! Kirlirgrvh, trio.

Love, Stine (aka someone who used to pass notes in code with you in middle school...)